HIC Steel Plate

HIC Steel Specifications Available From Stock

ASME SA516 Grade 60

ASME SA516 Grade 65

ASME SA516 Grade 70




ASTM A516 Grade 60

ASTM A516 Grade 65

ASTM A516 Grade 70


Size Range For HIC Steel Plates

Thicknesses: 6-105 mm
Widths: 2 metres, 2.5 metres, 3 metres
Lengths: up to 12 metres

Technical Specifications Chemical Analysis

Max Ceq 0.41% <= 50mm, 0.43% > 50mm
Max S  0.001%, P  0.008%, Nb  0.015%, V  0.005%, O  0.002%

All material is made with an Electric Arc Furnace, fully killed, vacuum degassed, with fine grain.

HIC Steel Plate ASME SA516 HIC and ASTM A516 HIC

With so many of the fabrications produced from HIC steel being used in such critical applications it is essential to be certain that the steel used is fit for purpose. CarElso HIC Premium+ has been produced with the sole intention of being HIC resistant: a plate with the same properties throughout every millimetre of thickness and every square metre of area.

It is possible to take test pieces from an "ordinary" plate and subject them to rigorous and exhaustive HIC testing. If the right pieces are selected it is more than likely that they will pass the tests and can be described as HIC resistant. But just because the test pieces have passed does this mean the plate they came from is HIC resistant? It might but can anyone be entirely certain that the whole of the rest of the plate is completely the same as the test piece particularly when the plate has not been made with the intention of it being HIC resistant?

Chemical Requirements
 Element  Thickness  Composition (%)  Note
 Carbon (max)  12.5 mm and under  0.27 A, B, C 
   over 12.5 to 50 mm  0.28 A, B, C
   over 50 to 100 mm  0.30 A, B, C 
   over 100 mm  0.31 A, B, C 
 Manganese    0.85 - 1.20 A, C
     0.79 - 1.30 B, C
 Phosphorus (max)    0.025 A, B 
 Sulphur (max)    0.025 A, B 
 Silicon    0.15 - 0.40
     0.13 - 0.45 B
 Mechanical Property  Value
Tensile Strength, MPa (ksi)  485 - 620 (70 - 90) 
Yield Strength, min MPa (ksi) 260 (38) 

Elongation min, % 200 mm (8 in)


Elongation min, % 50 mm (2 in) 



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